“I can’t imagine putting my career in the hands of anyone else.”

Liz Hart is one of the leading talent agents within the broadcast news industry. Her representation experience spans well over two decades. She is a seasoned and trusted veteran with close management relationships primarily focused on Top 30 markets and network/cable news. Her placements range from ABC News, CBS News, Nationally Syndicated Programming, NBC News, CNN Domestic/CNN-I, and NFL Network and to all top and mid-sized markets. Hart is known as a tough negotiator who secures the best possible contract packages for her clients. She is well-known within the broadcast industry by hiring managers who respect her and know that a client who is sent to them by her has been vetted and is capable of the job. Hart backs her clients, believes in her clients, is passionate about each one and on furthering their individual careers and goals.

Her approach to talent representation is unique and personable; from the beginning of the relationship to navigating her clients into their dream jobs, she is there every step of the way.  She can speak of her clients like a family member because she knows them inside and out.  Hart critiques her clients’ work on a regular basis to ensure that they’re on the right path and striving to improve their on-air delivery and journalistic skills. Social media is an important aspect of this; gathering and developing sources within a news market and beyond is imperative in today’s broadcast/social media environment. She monitors these aspects with her clients to keep the focus on building a credible brand and optimizing followers.  Marketing is a huge part of the job search: from the creation of the client’s link to where the client has been sent, to the job interview and ultimately the offer; she guides, advises, negotiates and cheers her clients on to dream jobs.

Joe Hengemuehler is Vice President, Talent Representation, with Hart Talent Management. Joe and Liz have known each other for many years and have similar personalities.  The decision for the two of them to join forces was a no-brainer! Having worked on, “opposite sides of the fence;”  he being a news director and Liz being an agent negotiating with him.  Joe brings with him a tremendous passion and energy to his clients and a wealth of industry and insider knowledge. Having been on the hiring side and working with many on-air talent within his newsrooms.  His critiques are invaluable to those he works with and he pushes his clients to strive for more. With his background as news director and general manager, Joe has a vast network of television managers around the country who trust him and constantly contact him about talent needs.

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